Psychedelic Stocks: A Primer for Canadians

Psychedelic Stocks

So, for some reason, some of the most often asked questions include investing in the psychedelic stocks sector. Questions such as

  • Can I purchase Shrooms & Edibles stock?
  • What are the top psilocybin firms to keep an eye on?
  • What psilocybin stocks should I invest in?
  • Can I invest in psychedelic stocks?
  • What are the best mushrooms to buy?

Those sorts of things. The truth is that we are not experienced, investors. We are in no way competent to offer investment advice to anyone else because we have no idea how to predict whether a stock will increase, decrease, or move sideways. Nothing in this post should be interpreted as a recommendation for any particular stocks.

We did wish to make an effort to assist you with some of your questions, though. We have therefore combed through Canadian public stock markets active in the psychedelic stocks wellness sector. This list may not be complete; new businesses are always emerging, and we could have overlooked a few when creating it.

Then, we wrote brief profiles on each of these businesses and listed them alphabetically below with links to their websites and a handy abbreviation for their stock tickers so you could quickly look them up if you were curious about how their stock was doing. (If you simply paste the phrase “CSE: AION” into your search engine, it should appear immediately.)

Therefore, this is a great place to start if you’re interested in dabbling in the psychedelic investment market. The list is as follows:

Aion Therapeutic 

Aion Therapeutic also has a licensed production line for cannabis in Canada in addition to its recent entry into the psychedelics market.

Dr. Stephen D. Barnhill, the company’s chief executive, has stated that Aion is researching innovative formulations of several natural substances, including psilocybin and fungus.

Algernon Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical firm in the clinical stages, Algernon Pharmaceuticals is conducting Phase 2 clinical investigations for the diseases of COVID-19, chronic cough, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Early in 2021, Algernon began a clinical research project on AP-188 as a stroke therapy (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine or DMT). The tryptamine family of psychoactive substances, which also contains psilocybin and psilocin, includes the psychedelic substance DMT. The business intends to launch a clinical trial as quickly as possible.


Early in 2021, Allied started to move its emphasis from cannabis to psilocybin. Allied offers a variety of psilocybin and cannabis formulations to the health and wellness sector and is completely integrated throughout the value chain. The company’s goods are intended to cure post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression (PTSD).

ATAI Life Sciences

ATAI Life Sciences is a biopharmaceutical business in the trial stages of creating new medications, including psychedelics, to treat a variety of mental health conditions like addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. A NASDAQ initial public offering recently saw ATAI raise US$225 million.

Awakn Life Sciences 

The clinical operations of the Bitoech company Awakn Life Sciences are focused on the development, delivery, and study of psychedelic drugs for the treatment of addiction. Through its near-term ketamine for reduction of alcoholic relapse procedure, it is the only company in the world offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for alcohol use addiction that is supported by scientific research.

The business recently disclosed that it was starting a clinical study project to show how ketamine-assisted psychotherapy works against various addictions.

BetterLife Pharma 

An up-and-coming biotechnology business called BetterLife Pharma is seeking to create and market psychedelic medicines for the treatment of mental illnesses in Canada, the US, Australia, and the EU. The business is also creating drug-delivery platform technologies that aim to treat particular cancers as well as viral illnesses like coronavirus sickness and the human papillomavirus.

Better Plant Sciences 

This wellness company has substantial involvement in the psychedelics industry because of its ownership of NeonMind Biosciences, formerly Flourish Mushroom Labs. NeonMind will conduct clinical trials on the psilocybin’s therapeutic effects, according to its parent firm.

In the future, NeonMind intends to introduce branded goods including objects loaded with mushrooms that “boost immunological, cognitive, memory and other brain processes.”

Braxia Scientific – Psychedelic Stock

From its intellectual property (IP) development platform, Braxia Scientific is creating ketamine, psilocybin, and other psychedelic pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the business owns and runs interdisciplinary community-based clinics that offer quick onset therapy for mental health issues through its fully owned subsidiary, the Canadian Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence. These clinics are situated in Montreal, Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa.

The Braxia Institute, a training facility aimed at advancing psychiatric clinical procedures and healthcare offerings, including ketamine and psychedelic treatment therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression and other mental health disorders, was recently established by Braxia Scientific.

Bright Minds Biosciences 

The next-generation serotonin agonists being developed by Bright Minds Biosciences are intended to treat neuropsychiatric diseases, epilepsy, and pain. The business contends that its medications enhance the therapeutic effects of psychedelics and other serotonergic substances while reducing their negative side effects, making them preferable to first-generation substances like psilocybin.

The business has submitted an application to list on the NASDAQ.

Captiva Verde Wellness 

By partnering with a Mexican business that can distribute pharmaceutical and wellness goods, including psychoactive and non-psychoactive medications, this cannabis and hemp company earned a foothold in the psychedelic stocks market.

Clearmind Medicine 

This biotech business creates unique psychedelic medications with IP protection in an effort to treat underserved mental health issues, such as binge behavior and alcohol use disorder.

Two categories of patents are held by Clearmind Medicine. The first, which deals with binge behavior controllers, has been granted in the US, Europe, China, and India; divisional applications are still pending in Europe and the US; the second, which deals with alcohol substitutes, has been given a European patent approval; divisional applications are still pending in the US, China, and India.

Codebase Ventures

With its subsidiary Titan Shrooms & Psychedelics, Red Light Holland, a publicly traded company active in the psychedelics industry, is one of the many investment options offered by Codebase Ventures to investors.

COMPASS Pathways 

COMPASS Pathways, which focuses on psilocybin research, has swiftly gained prominence among those who follow the psychedelic stocks sector. Additionally, it has drawn interested onlookers from beyond the psychedelics industry as a result of a historic public offering debut.

The business has been looking at using psychedelic substances to treat depression. A significant US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) breakthrough therapy designation was awarded to COMPASS in 2018.

Core One Labs 

For a market that is facing forward, Core One Labs is researching the creation of psychedelic medications.

One of the possibly new delivery techniques the company will try to use is thin-film oral strips. The business wants to create intellectual property in the field of psychedelic drugs.

Creso Pharma 

A wide range of medicinal, nutraceutical, and lifestyle products derived from cannabis and hemp are developed and produced by the pharmaceutical company Creso Pharma. The business owns the rights to various proprietary medication delivery systems that increase the bioavailability and absorption of cannabinoids throughout the world.

The corporation just entered the psychedelics market by purchasing Halucenex Life Sciences, and it and Red Light Holland have a binding agreement to join, giving rise to the HighBrid Lab.

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding 

CUREform, a proprietary drug-delivery platform created by CURE Pharmaceutical Holding, has resulted in a number of immediate- and controlled-release drug-delivery vehicles for a variety of active ingredients intended to increase medication efficacy and safety.

The business operates a 25,000-square-foot production facility and has only started to create a pharmaceutical clinical pipeline based on psychedelics to offer a variety of psychedelic chemicals.


Through thorough clinical trials designed to gauge the effectiveness of its candidates, this life science company is exploring the creation of psychedelic medications.

After going public in Canada, Cybin has continued to pursue takeover transactions in an effort to increase its market share in the psychedelics industry as a whole.

Delic Holdings 

Information on the psychedelic wellness sector and investments is available from Delic Holdings. A blog, podcast, online store, and recurring events are among the company’s product offerings.

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