Using Psychedelics for Self Improvement

Using Psychedelics for Self Improvement

As you and many others have probably heard all over the world, there has recently been a slight revival of the clinical study of psychologists as a possible treatment for various psychological conditions. Organizations such as MAPS have made significant progress, and as it turns out, studies seem to strongly show positive results from the consumption of specific molecules in clinical settings. However, there is a much larger underground movement of individuals administering self-psychology in the hope that it will help them overcome different things. This is both good and bad. It is great that psychedelics are being seen as medicinal and transformative, but also a little disturbing that people are going to experiment on their own this way.

Psychedelics can be a powerful tool to identify and address self-inflicted suffering, primarily as a result of behavior and thought patterns. What they are not for is treating neurological disorders of any kind or substituting treatment prescribed by a professional psychiatrist or doctor. If you suffer from severe mental illness, psychologists are probably not for you yet. It is best to consider waiting until you can go that route with a professional therapist who specializes in these things.

However, using your discretion, you may choose to experiment, or perhaps plan to instruct someone else, and in that case, can this article give you some guidance and knowledge of what to expect.

1. The first thing to consider

If you or someone you know is trying psychedelics for the first time, the introduction should be done slowly and perhaps over various attempts. One should be acquainted with these experiences with a lighter dose and in peaceful, quiet, carefree environments. Be somewhere nice with close friends who are calm and trustworthy people. The music is always nice, but I understand that the music that adapts to the humor plays from a distance, outside, in the warm sun, late in the evening, while the “violation” is almost impossible not to enjoy. In clinical trials and psychedelic therapies in the Netherlands, patients first go through many visits to get to know their therapist before the actual psychedelic part begins. In these sessions where patients are most often given the “Magic Mushroom“, patients are provided with a comfortable space, music, blankets, and of course, a therapist whom they trust and who will guide and support them.

2. Don’t do 

Do not plan these “break-in trips” to your own home if it’s possible. The environment in which we live is what we create and is a direct reflection of our subconscious. This can become obvious and quite stressful, unnecessarily, so for the first time, “offending”. Moreover, if it takes place in any house, it should be well organized, clean, and have a pleasant smell. Later, after some experiences of disruption, coping with a person’s environment as a medium of self-reflection will become essential. More about this below. This will obviously be mostly contextual and case by case. Still, if everything’s the same, in my experience, it is better to be in more neutral but more comfortable environments.

3. The changes it will undergo

As a result of these experiences it is potentially life-changing for almost anyone because, as you will find, we all suffer from almost the same type of behavioral illness, only to varying degrees. This is especially true for young and middle-aged people. What these psychedelic experiences are not is a broad, “I am healed!” type of change. Perhaps, through the method I will describe below, it would be possible to effectively link several areas of brain activity through some sort of Pavlovian strategy, based on repetition. But this is very speculative, and there just has not been enough scientific study to know for sure.

4. What most people seem to not understand 

Healing with psychedelics is that they offer life-changing changes in perspective and perception by presenting a profound realization of self-inflicted pain and suffering. They remove the veil, so to speak, and as I will discuss below, it is like waking up or at least realizing the psychotic, deceptive state, similar to the ecstasy for which we place ourselves and in which we follow our own wrong paths. – destruction and misery. Through several successive experiences, what begins as a new, changed state of mind can become a positive feedback loop. The ultimate goal should be to eliminate action items, more specifically, to remove everything that gives you a bad ride. On each trip, you will feel very intensely, feelings you have ignored and this will be deeply associated with behaviors and environment. However, when it comes to MDMA, it seems that patients with social anxiety and severe autism overcome their anxiety after being dosed several times. They developed a new sense of trust and appreciation of the people. Really positive experiences lead to behaviors or changes in perspective that more or less go beyond old behaviors and perspectives rather than asking them to face and address as is the nature of “bad trips”.

5. The “Bad trips”

They are often much more useful than one might think. At this point, it is a kind of “confrontation with your fears”. Worst travels are often experiences centered around the horrible feeling we have in that condition, which usually has to do with behaviors, priorities, or focal points in our daily lives. That is, although you may be experiencing an intensify feeling about these things, what you are feeling is very real. Usually, you experience these feelings only in much shorter timeframes, which are largely beyond traditional problem-solving abilities, and thus an intensified version of this feeling presents an opportunity to realize, identify, and resolve. Looking at these “action items” as I like to refer to them, from a different mental state, offers a sophisticated perspective. Not necessarily sophisticated in the traditional sense, but more like a child without premeditation. It is a lateral movement from one screen to another in which we can see much more clearly who we are, how we behave, how we feel, and how all of these things relate together in our lives. Healing is the result of this enlightenment most often found on horrible journeys. “Bad trips” should be taken as a genuine feeling that is typically hidden and as it “goes down”, there will be a deep sense of relief, and this time is often absolutely full of reflection, and also, there is a state of real understanding. I found that this period was also one of the incredible discoveries. “Bad trips” can feel like the final judgment. 

6. Ritual and endurance

They are essential to what I consider to be roughly a Pavlovian association. It is vital to eliminate environmental variables so that the same experience and thought patterns can be replicated. In my case, the same stages of the trip became very popular. The hallucinations even became consistent during each trip. I believe this was the key to forever changing my perspectives and keeping some very deep accomplishments. Experiences collectively became almost a great ritual of self-realization. If you’ve read it so far and think it all sounds like a good fit for your goals, I just want to get into it here. You have to wait a few months of “trips” weekly or even biweekly, though, for many people, only one or two are needed. It all depends on the individual mind and what the goal is.

7. The BIGGEST lesson 

Many of the sufferings I have experienced in life were due to a misconception of what happiness looks like. I was delusional. I actually believed that a big house and beautiful cars would make me happy. I thought my career was the most important thing because it would allow me happiness. Along with this deception was the total ignorance of the importance of other people. Sure, I took care of other people, but they were just complementary fun. I had no gratitude for them. I had realized how deceptive and psychotic I was. I realized that not only was I a slave, almost everyone is! The most powerful transformation can come from simply understanding the programmed behavior to be a consumer, to be a tax cattle.

8. Gratitude

The most beautiful thing to discover. So far, the thing you can become most grateful for is learning to be grateful. This was something that came to my mind late in my experiments. I believe that love, compassion, all the greatest things that saturate our being, grow out of gratitude. There is something special like the feeling of pure gratitude. It is not listing what you are grateful for; it is the feeling itself. This feeling is something extraordinary.

9. Awaking From The Psychosis and Delusion. 

As I have covered in various writings, including The Three Hits of DMT: A Guide to Awakening Currently, it may be helpful to see most or all of our experience as a state similar to the ecstasy in which we are understood to be. all isolated and without a more conscious perspective from which we can assess the psychosis and delusion of our behavior and thought patterns as well as actions. Think of it as when you wake up from a dream. Psychedelic experiences are another kind of ecstasy, a benchmark from which to assess psychosis and delusion from the outside. However, these experiences are not any awareness of God; they are still subject to their mark of psychosis and delusion. The idea, however, is that by synergistically combining these perspectives, one can suddenly understand a whole.

10. Nothing is free

It just seems appropriate that such compelling, enlightening experiences would be highly illegal. The powers that be will be guided by the doctrine of self-interest, party alignment, and unwavering allegiance to the dollar and omnipotent power, do not find within their interest that you possess or consume any plant or substance containing specific molecules. If caught with these molecules by armed government agents, you will be locked in a cage with the violent and the mentally ill. If you resist, you may die. I urge you to never actively seek out these molecules that the government has not designated for your consumption. It’s just too dangerous. Instead, let him find you and what happens, happens. I can keep a secret. That said, just because you need the kind of things psychedelics can offer you, does not mean now is the time. Growing up is about perspective, and perspective largely consists of lessons and experiences, even difficult ones. Sometimes, we just have to be patient for a while. Psychedelics are not a shortcut; they are the catalyst.

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