What Do Magic Mushrooms Taste Like?

Magic Mushrooms Taste

The fact that magic mushrooms have a distinct flavour is generally accepted, but how would you characterize it? That depends on how you understand it. Some people find the flavour revolting and abhorrent. Others claim that the flavour is typical of most mushrooms.

Everyone has a different level of tolerance for the taste of mushrooms depending on their particular preferences, some individuals may object to the bitterness, while others may detect a nutty flavour. However, the majority of individuals concur that magic mushrooms don’t taste sweet—rather, they have an earthy flavour. These mushrooms taste more like earth and have a spongy, chewy, and fibrous feel on top of that; they are not the gourmet mushrooms that provide umami to soups and veggie burgers.

Farinaceous is a term used only by mycologists to describe the flavour and scent of fresh mushrooms. The word describes a smell that is similar to that of freshly made pastry dough but more like starchy flour. Fresh psilocybe mushrooms may have a flavour that tastes more like flour. Nevertheless, depending on the type, age, and quality of the mushrooms, their flavours may change as they dry.

How to Make Magic Mushrooms Taste Better

Different people have different levels of sensitivity to flavours, textures, and odours. Therefore, learning how to mask the taste of mushrooms can help you avoid the initial queasy feeling brought on by their flavour and texture. Here are some general pointers and methods that may be useful:

Make Mushroom Powder

Many individuals prefer to use a clean electric coffee or herb grinder to powder their dried mushrooms. Functionally eradicating the taste, the powder can be easily added to coffee or tea, blended into smoothies, or added or stirred into a warm pasta sauce. A magic mushroom pill can be made by encasing mushroom powder in a capsule to avoid the bitter taste and upset stomach that are frequently associated with mushrooms.

The negative? Dosing mushroom powder is challenging—and frequently messy. To make sure you measure out the correct amount of the mushroom, use a kitchen scale, otherwise, you can have a greater experience than you anticipated.

Mix Your Mushrooms With Food 

Like any other mushroom, psilocybin mushrooms can be consumed with meals. Psilocybin mushrooms should be dehydrated with a little amount of heated vegetable stock before being chopped with a sharp knife and added to a warm spaghetti sauce. Use mushrooms as a topping for pizza, use them in a soup, or puree them into a fruit smoothie. When it comes to these mind-bending fungi, the sky is the limit.

Another approach is to use magic mushrooms in your food, albeit this is a touchy subject. The main psychedelic component in mushrooms, psilocybin, is said to be denatured by boiling at high temperatures, according to some ardent psychonauts. For this reason, cooks who use psilocybin mushrooms frequently maintain moderate temperatures and work to cut down on cooking time. Even though treats like magic mushroom brownies are undoubtedly delectable and potent, some cooking techniques, including steaming, may be preferable than sautéing and baking the mushrooms.

Best Ways to Take Mushrooms 

Most people who try mushrooms for the first time are inclined to eat them whole, which is a totally logical way to approach a mushroom trip. However, there are some drawbacks to consuming entire mushrooms. The fibrous fungus is challenging to digest in addition to their harsh flavour and texture. When consuming fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms, common side effects include nausea and upset stomach. Fortunately, choosing a milder ingestion strategy will lower your risk of experiencing nausea.

Magic Mushroom Tea

One of the most well-liked and stomach-friendly techniques of taking magic mushrooms is drinking tea. Compared to other edible preparations, mushroom teas start working more quickly because the liquid form makes psilocybin more available to the body. Additionally, the trip’s duration is typically shorter.

Making mushroom tea is similar to performing a straightforward psilocybin extraction because psilocybin is easily dissolved in hot water. While making a basic tea, it’s hard to know whether or not you’ve removed all of the psilocybin present in the mushroom. If the mushrooms are removed, mushroom teas may not be as strong as taking full psilocybin mushrooms. The amount of psilocybin extracted from your mushrooms will increase if you chop or powder them, making the tea more potent. To hide the earthy flavour of the tea, add lemon, honey, or simple syrup.


Another simple and well-liked way to consume mushrooms is through smoothies. They are quick to produce and effectively disguise the taste of mushrooms. Many psychonauts like fruit smoothies; great additions include frozen mango, frozen berries, and fruit sherbets. As an alternative, peanut butter and cacao can also hide the flavour of magic mushrooms. A mushroom smoothie may start working more quickly than other culinary preparations because it is a liquid.

Lemon Tek

The last liquid preparation on our short list is lemon tek. Mushrooms should be soaked in lemon juice for at least 10 minutes before eating to make lemon tek. Take a shot of the juice that has been infused, sort of like a miraculous wheatgrass shot. The citric acid in the lemon juice may actually start to break down the mushrooms before intake, in addition to masking the flavour of the mushrooms. As a result, an intense and quick-onset mushroom experience is reported by many psychonauts.

Magic Mushroom Chocolate

The most delicious method to absorb psilocybin is probably through magic mushroom chocolates. Chocolate is melted and then combined with dried mushroom chunks or powder to create chocolates with mushrooms. To make truffles, chocolate candy, or even peanut butter cups, you can pour the melted chocolate into moulds. Nobody wants a surprise, but as with any infused cuisine, it’s important to pay attention to how much mushroom ends up in each serving.


Who would have thought that anything as sweet as honey would complement such earthy mushrooms? If your dried mushrooms are entirely coated, you can store them in the refrigerator for several months after mixing chopped dried mushrooms with honey. As psilocin, the chemical that actually produces a mushroom trip permeates the sticky substance, the honey will turn blue. You can eat a spoonful of this blue honey when you’re feeling adventurous or use it to tea and other drinks.

Shrooms and Edibles are typically consumed for the psychotropic high they provide; their culinary potential is frequently disregarded. But if you’re going to take mushrooms, it might as well be as enjoyable as possible, from the first sip of tea to the last morsel of chocolate. Remember that the right dosage is crucial for any culinary endeavour.

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