What Role do Trip Sitter Play During a Psychedelic Trip?


What is a Trip Sitter 

The psychedelic society is full of different customs that could be perplexing to a first-time user. If you’re new, you’ve probably heard of terms like “trip sitting” and other similar expressions. A person who guides someone using psychedelics like LSD or magic mushrooms through their experience is known as a “trip sitter.” When used improperly, these medications are known to have harmful effects. A tripper stands between a smooth encounter and a thoroughly unpleasant one.

The sitter should be fully informed about the material being eaten, prior consumption is not required. They must be aware of the dosage taken, the anticipated effects, the duration of the trip, and the warning indicators that something is not going right. This makes it simple for them to respond to any queries the traveler may have. They are also in a better position to reassure the tripper that everything will be fine because they are more knowledgeable about the drug and its effects.

What Function Does a Trip Sitter Perform During a Psychedelic Experience?

Before the Psychedelic Trip

The setting and set are important elements to take into account for a great journey. A trip sitter must make sure the traveler is relaxed and unburdened by stress, anxiety, expectations, or fears. They reassure the tripper to let go and enjoy the experience rather than trying to control it, and that they will be there for them throughout. The sitter chooses a setting that the tripper deems secure and comfortable. To suit the needs of the traveler, they choose the music, lighting, and temperature. This makes the tripper less afraid and more receptive to the experience. 

Setting the ground rules for what is and is not permitted during the vacation at this stage is ideal. Additionally, the sitter goes over what to do in an emergency. As for the tripper, they can let the sitter know what they need from them throughout the trip, such as whether they want a quiet time to experience the magic mushrooms or other drugs or an engaging session where advice is given.

During the Psychedelic trip

According to the pre-trip agreement, a sitter will either assist the tripper with meditation and visualizations or let them experience the mushrooms on their own. To ensure a smooth experience, only a dependable sitter is required. Additionally, it makes the user feel secure enough to delve deeper into the effects of the mushrooms. The sitter makes sure the tripper stays hydrated, responds to their inquiries, and provides reassurance if any worries or anxieties arise.

In the event of a terrible journey, the sitter will assist in controlling the fear to prevent things from getting worse. They must understand what they are capable of handling and when professional medical help is necessary. It’s uncommon to have a poor trip unless you consume more mushrooms than your body can tolerate or you take them in the wrong environment. An excellent trip is a potent, profound experience that might lead to new ideas or a shift in one’s worldview.

After the Psychedelic trip 

By assisting the tripper in integrating or comprehending what transpired during the trip, a sitter’s involvement may continue after the trip. This could occur right away or after the trip.

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