Top 10 Benefits of Microdosing

Top 10 Benefits Of Microdosing

What is microdosing?

Have you ever heard the saying “One cookie is good, two cookies are better but a hundred cookies?” that is the case for mushrooms too. Microdosing is a new way that specialists have found for people to take popular psychedelic hallucinogens or other drugs. This phenomenon came like a necessity in order for people to profit from the top 10 benefits of microdosing that we are going to discuss in this article. 

1. Unlike a full psychedelic trip, you don’t waste the whole day

Taking tiny doses of psilocybin mushrooms, also known as microdosing, gets you to a good place without the other drawbacks associated with a full trip – spending the whole day being spaced out on a deeply spiritual journey. Make no mistake, spiritual journeys can be very revealing and can help you change your life trajectory in a positive way, but it’s best to leave them on the weekends or your day off. If you want to feel good and keep doing the everyday things you need like working, parenting – the ordinary things – then microdosing is the way to go.

2. It can help fight depression and anxiety

If you are suffering from symptoms of anxiety or depression, microdosing can potentially lift you out of your misery and ordinary worries, primarily in circumstances where antidepressants don’t work. We’re not saying microdosing capsules should be used as a quick fix for deep mental issues, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that microdosing psilocybin makes you feel good about yourself.

There is also laboratory data that can be used to draw this conclusion. In a study, published in Scientific Reports, 20 patients with treatment-resistant depression were given psilocybin, after which they saw improvement in their mood and relief from stress. MRI scans of their brain activity revealed changes in blood flow to areas of the brain that are responsible for managing emotional reactions, stress, and fear.

According to Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris of Imperial London College, who is leading the research, patients who have received psilocybin therapy go through a cathartic emotional release, which helps them come to terms with the causes of their depression. This is different from the effects of antidepressants, which only dull the emotions of patients.

3.Microdosing leads to relaxation and a better mood

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, magic mushrooms can create feelings of relaxation that mimic the effects of low doses of marijuana. Fungi alter the user’s perception by acting on neural paths in the brain via a chemical messenger known as serotonin. They particularly affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which controls abstract thinking as well as the analysis of thought. Most importantly, the visual cortex plays a key role in mood and perception. This is the reason why, according to NIDA, travelers experience “pleasurable and mentally stimulating sensations, which produce a sense of increased understanding”.

4. It improves creativity

Microdosers are more creative. This emerges from a survey by Thomas Anderson and Rotem Petranker, both doctoral students in clinical psychology in Canada, who examined the relationship between microdosing psychedelics and mental health. Their research compared people who microdose to those who don’t and found that microdosers performed better on “key measures of mental health and well-being”, particularly on wisdom, open-mindedness and creativity.

Those who have performed well in wisdom are people who see things from multiple angles, who learn from their mistakes, and who are in tune with emotions and people. Creativity, on the other hand, involves discovering unusual uses for ordinary household items.

5. You are more focused when you microdose

In another study on the benefits and challenges of psychedelic microdosing, 278 microdosers reported on their various experiences with LSD and psilocybin. The research investigated whether microdosing helped them improve aspects of their lives such as mood, meditative practices, exercise, diet, and sleep patterns. She found that almost 15% of those polled said they had better concentration. They also showed more awareness, commitment, and care, as well as greater vigilance.

6. It increases your emotional sensitivity

The sixth advantage that you will have from these microdosing benefits is that taking small doses makes you warmer and more accessible. In the two studies cited above, researchers were able to show that microdosers had better social skills. They were more outgoing, showed more empathy, and a sense of connection with others. In some cases, they even had greater verbal fluency.

7. Microdosing has the benefits of controlling the doses you take.

It sounds obvious, but being able to control how much hallucinogens you take versus what kind of high you want is essential. To achieve good results, microdosing also requires the discipline to follow a predictable schedule, usually every three days or so. If you do this, microdosing will be suitable for most daily activities rather than disruptive exercise.

Microdosers generally agree that a correct microdose is about a tenth of a full dose of the psychedelic substance, and does not lead to intoxication. This is corroborated by a study that looked at how regular users of psychedelics approach microdosing.

At Shrooms & Edibles, we recommend that you give yourself one dose every two or three days, or three times a week, starting with a microdose of 0.100 g or 100 mg. By taking our microdosing capsules, you are guaranteed a more precise dosage. You will also find that consuming it in the morning allows the effects to last throughout the day without disturbing your sleep.

8. Microdosing can aid you to quit bad habits like smoking and alcoholism.

Sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? That one psychotropic substance can outweigh dependence on another. But that’s what magic mushrooms do, as researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered regarding the ability of psilocybin to fight nicotine addiction. Another team of scientists from Boston University and Harvard Medical School also reported in the Journal of Psychopharmacology that people who abuse opioids were less likely to abuse them if they also had experience with drugs. psychedelics, which means that psychedelics offer some sort of protection. It goes without saying that there are many testimonials from benefits of microdosing that say they are already microdosing to help them quit their addictive habits.

9. Microdosing can improve you physiologically

Some microdosers in the above experiment (3.0% or 24 reports) said that tiny doses of psilocybin taken regularly improved their visual senses, cardiovascular endurance, and the quality of their sleep.

10. Microdosing May Help Manage Migraines

Anyone who constantly suffers from treatment-resistant migraines or recurring headaches knows how unbearable they can make your life. This has prompted some people to seek alternative treatments online, and luckily for them, psilocybin microdosing seems to hold the answer. A study published in the Harm Reduction Journal describes psychedelic tryptamines (alkaloids found in psychedelics) as “remarkably effective” in treating migraines by a majority of research participants. The study noted that “only psychedelic treatments are able to stop the recurrence of the aggregate cycle.” She added that people with migraines use an “annoying” dosing regimen as the most effective strategy for treating their headaches. The most positive news that has come out of the research is that no serious side effects have been reported, although there have been a few cases of discomfort.

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